Holi Festival Story

Indian Festival  Holi Story

The celebration of holii is celebrated on the full moon of Phalguna. Eight days before the start of Holy Holashtk. Holashtk during any auspicious work is not considered good.
india Festivals like holii, are associated with the different mythology. Various stories have been cited here.
No doubt, the india Festival of fasting and our cultural heritage. All our fast-Festival Diwali Festival or whether the marital vow, somewhere they are joined by the legendary background and undeniable scientific side. We will continue our efforts in these pages can include more india Festivals and fasts.

                                        The legend of Hiranyakashipu and his sister holiika holii is highly prevalent.
In ancient times tyrannical Rakshsraj Hiranyakashyp boon from Brahma and penance attained any creatures of this world, gods, demons or men not to kill him. Nor did he die in the night, not a day, nor in earth, not in heaven, not in the house, not out. Even a weapon could slay him.
It received the gift he had become highly autocratic. Firm believer in the divine right of Hiranyakashyp devotee Prahld born son. Prahld was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu was pleased vision.

Hiranyakasipu Prahlada had ordered her not to spare any praise. Refusing to Prahld on Hiranykashyp was determined to kill him. He has taken several measures to kill Prahld but avoided and the Lord's grace.
Hiranyakashipu's sister holiika had a boon to the fire escape. He had a sheet which is such a boon to the fire was not burning. With the help of his sister holiika Hiranyakshyap by burning planned to kill Prahlad.
Prahlad holiika's lap child boon sheet adopted for the purpose of killing, burning, picking Dhun-smoking be sitting in that fire. Lord of the velocity of the air blown by the grace sheet lying lad Prahlada and the sheet is not burning holiika was consumed. Thus, in an attempt to kill Pralad holiika died.
Since then, the Festival of holii was celebrated.
Then Hiranyakasipu Nrnsinh incarnation of Lord Vishnu to kill the poles out of the twilight times (morning and evening of the change of time) to sit on the door frame persecutors killed Hiranyakasipu.
Then, the Festival of holii was celebrated.


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